Enduro mountain bike racing has arrived big-time in the Natural State with the 2018 Arkansas Enduro Series! The first race, held May 19-20 in Red Star, Arkansas on the Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trail, drew international recognition by qualifying  athletes for the Euduro World Series.  

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The Arkansas Enduro Series consists of five competitions. As of this printing, are in the books, and have attracted racers from as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada.  

The sport utilizes skill sets from both cross country and downhill mountain biking to create a totally unique competition. Rather than cyclists racing from a start point to a finish point, Enduro competitions consist of several downhill stages that are connected by neutral transition segments. Only the accumulated time while racing the downhill stages will factor into a competitor’s score. Racers can redline hammer a descent and then ride side-by-side talking shop en route to the next downhill stage. 

Like I said, it’s a totally unique competition. 

Enduro courses are fast and include features such as jumps, rock gardens and sweeping berms that test the racers’ abilities and nerves. These same features that challenge racers make it a very spectator-friendly event. With the two remaining races to be held on the newly constructed flowy downhill lines at Lake Leatherwood, August 18-19, and the very technical runs at Coler Preserve, September 22, both racers and spectators will come away from these events thoroughly impressed and entertained.

Gnarly technical features should not discourage cyclists from competing; each feature has optional bypass routes. And maybe when the 2019 Arkansas Enduro Series arrives, you will be ready to ride the main flow line.

There will also be food, beverages and live music at the events. 

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