Breakaway Cycling was founded as a 501(c)(3) in October 2016 to fill the growing need for junior/young road cyclists across Northwest Arkansas. The vision for the team consisted of creating a positive environment for young cyclists, no matter what level of riding skill they have achieved and no matter their exact goals. Breakaway Cycling aims to provide proper coaching, training, education and advocacy. The group focuses on forming a community around the team to generate a sustainable base for young road cyclists in the area. Breakaway is committed to eliminating barriers, for riders to ensure that as many individuals can enter the sport as possible. 

Breakaway’s tier-system program is geared toward cultivating recreational riders to give back to the community and to expose riders to the competitive side of road cycling. Breakaway also provides support to cyclists who are focused on advancing through the competitive levels of the sport. Breakaway Cycling Team gives individuals the opportunity to take the sport to the highest levels, if that is the dream of the rider.

Breakaway Cycling Team members receive coaching, financial support, detailed training plans, bike fits, mental/emotional support, indoor training opportunities, organized training rides, education about road cycling, safety techniques, bike handling skills, group riding etiquette, proper nutrition, mechanic training, loaner bikes (if needed) and race tactics, among many other benefits. The more dedicated the rider, the more advanced the support. Regardless of the tier a cyclist is in, Breakaway provides its members with a positive, nurturing community to ensure sustainability, growth, opportunity and safety. 

The 2018 roster now consists of two separate teams: U23 (under 23 years of age) and Development. The U23 team travels across Arkansas and outside of Arkansas to compete and receives advanced support with plans to grow this team into a high-level competitive race team. The Development team currently consists of 10 riders at various levels, who have the option to move to the more advanced team when and if they choose. Riders come from all over Northwest Arkansas. Currently the team is at capacity because of limited resources. If more financial support can be secured, programs will be extended to reach as many interested young riders as possible. 

The team is run by experienced racers, riders and licensed coaches, all of whom are volunteers dedicated to creating the future of cycling in a positive way. Not only do the volunteers provide immense coaching and support for riders, they also work with race directors across the state and in surrounding states to build a sustainable foundation for junior racing that is fair and inviting and which creates a more positive environment for future racers. The team also organizes a yearly event aimed at growing community that includes both recreational and competitive riders. The volunteers work tirelessly to provide opportunity to the team, while raising awareness and advocating for junior and young riders. 

Breakaway Cycling Team is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to eliminating barriers for junior/U23 road cyclists and empowering young individuals with enduring life skills. Ultimately, their aim is to facilitate excellence on and off the bike and grow Northwest Arkansas’s cycling community by supporting young cyclists. They believe riding a bike can change one’s life for the better. 

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  —Tiffany Dixon