Ellen Brune


Senior manager in the supply chain innovation and automation division of Walmart, head coach of the Bentonville High School mountain bike team and mentor for Little Bellas, a mountain bike mentoring program for girls.

I’ve been riding:
“Religiously, probably four or five years, but I’ve ridden a bike since I was a little kid. Last fall, I was the women’s CAT 4 state champion in cyclocross.” 

The bike:
Thesis Bike OB1. It’s a new direct-to-consumer bike company based in San Francisco. Brune is a brand ambassador. It’s a gravel bike, but Brune has a set of road tires for it, too. 

Why I ride:
“My favorite gravel routes are around XNA [Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Highfill]. There are all kinds of beautiful views. For mountain biking, I like the downhill runs at Leatherwood [in Eureka Springs].”


‘We’re trying to get more women participating in races.’


It’s for the new amateur women’s race team she founded, Velocita. Bike Rack Brewing is the primary sponsor. “We’re trying to get more women participating in races.”

Arm Warmers:
Primal Wear Arm Tattoo Warmers. 

Lake MX241 Endurance. “They’re super comfortable. They were custom made for a female off-road racer. There is a ton of air-venting in them, which allows them to breathe in longer rides, and if you’re having to dismount the bike and ford a creek, the water will drain out of them and dry.”

Tiposi. “They have interchangeable lenses, which is my favorite things about them. I wear the red lenses when it’s overcast because it gives you more contrast, but if it’s crazy sunny, I can replace them for a blue, mirrored lens. Or if I’m riding in the dark, I can swap a clear lens in.”

Fox. “They’re really thin, so you can feel really well, and they’re lightweight. You get the full-fingered protection, but you don’t get too hot.” 

Frame Guard:
All Mountain Style Honeycomb Frame Guard XL. The honeycomb adhesive PVC “protects the bottom of the bike when you throw rocks.”